Get into ketosis with the Keto OS Supplement

It doesn’t have to be difficult or take long to get your body into Ketosis. With the help of Keto-OS, peopleare discovering that its possible to achieve ketosis in a fraction of the time and less strict of a diet than normal.

Keto-OS is gaining immense popularity as an incredible ketogenic diet supplement. Just look at all the positive Keto-OS reviews and testimonials from people taking this revolutionary supplement. Apparently, while a lot of people consider this supplement as a superb weight loss and body fitness product,

Apparently, while a lot of people consider this supplement as a superb weight loss and body fitness product, numerous studies have confirmed that the Keto-OS can also help prevent and treat serious health conditions. As a result, this supplement has gained much admiration and concern from various health institutions and researchers.

The normal way to get into ketosis without the help of Keto-OS

The mechanism of action of this superb health supplement utilizes the metabolic flexibility of

the body to adapt from using glucose obtained from carbohydrates to using ketones bodies.

Another term for this metabolic process is nutritional ketosis. These ketones bodies and other

ingredients contained in the Keto-OS like MCT Powder, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Malic Acid,

Stevia, and Caffeine come with an array of treatments against various diseases and health

conditions. Ideally, it contains potent liver and detoxifying benefits; also, it is an efficient anti-

diabetic and anti-cancer agent as well as enhancing neuroprotection and cardioprotection effects.

How Keto-OS Supplement helps the body achieves a state of ketosis

Naturally, our bodies utilize carbohydrates to produce glucose, which is used to promote the

various metabolic processes. Intake of the Keto-OS supplement makes your body move into a

cellular process called Ketosis. During the process, your body switches the rate of metabolism to

burn the excess fat deposit instead of glucose. The liver facilitates the mechanism of action in

ketosis; during the process, it initiates the breakdown the body fat cells into acids and ketones.

The ketones produced acts a source of energy instead of carbohydrates; this condition limits the

amount of sugar and carbohydrate consumption and utilizes these ketones and body fats in the

generation of energy. The oxidation of ketones produces a high amount of energy compared to

glucose. Notably, you can purchase some Ketostix Reagent Strips to help verify whether you are

in ketosis. For instance, Ketostix will allow you to check the ketone levels in your urine.

How to increase your state of ketosishow to long to get into ketosis

Notably, though the Keto-OS supplement by itself will help

you achieve the state of ketosis, it is important to compliment this product in three simple ways:

• Intermittent Fasting (IF)

An intermittent fasting for about 16-18 hours each day is an efficient way to allow your body to shifts to ketosis. In essence, IF upregulates the enzymes that are required to burn the body fats

and downregulates the glucose enzymes.

• Regulated fats, protein and carb intake

The keto- OS requires you to consume regulated amounts of carb nutrients. The carbohydrate

intake is limited to 20-50 grams per day. Also, consume a very low carbohydrate between 5-

10%, and a moderate amount of protein, between 30%- 40%, on a daily basis. This diet change

resets your cellular body metabolism to use fat as the primary source of energy. Also, the

regulated diet enhances the action of the liver, which boosts the natural production of ketones.

• Stay Hydrated

Always stay hydrated; when in ketosis, your body will excrete excess ketone bodies, salt, and

other minerals through urine, sweat, and breath. Taking 6 to 8 glass of water will do a great job.

Health Benefits of Keto-OS Supplement

• Blood Sugar Balance

Keto-OS supplement is an incredible anti-diabetic supplement. This supplement helps to balance

the insulin levels in your body, which in turn regulates the blood sugar levels. Thus, the

supplement helps to reduce the symptoms of unregulated blood sugar levels like fatigue, nausea,

stomach pain, high levels of sugars in your urine, and the frequent need to pass urine. Also, it

lowers your fasting blood sugar levels, reverse insulin resistant conditions and improve your

overall body health. Therefore, if you are diabetic, Keto-OS is an amazing supplement to help

lower and maintain your blood sugars levels.

• Alleviate Pain and Discomfort

If you experience frequent muscle pain or discomfort, you know how painful and stressing this

can be. The feelings of recurrent moderate to severe body pains are unbearable. Keto-OS helps

alleviate this pain and restores the relief that you have been longing. In essence, it acts as a

sedative, which calms the nerves and muscles, and enhances the relaxation and loosening of the

body muscles.

• Cardiovascular Health

If you suffer from any heart conditions related to high cholesterols like narrowing and hardening

of the arteries, then you are at a greater risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack. This condition is

not only extremely serious but is also indeed deadly. Keto-OS promotes the breakdown of

triglycerides in your body, which lowers the deposition of bad cholesterol while increasing your

HDL cholesterol levels. This HDL/ triglyceride ratio facilitates a constant flow of blood and

eventually helps to reduce these heart-related diseases.

• Enhances Neuroprotection and Cognitive Ability

Undeniably, the improved cognitive ability and physical performance of your brain depend

primarily on its vitality and overall brain health. The dietary Keto-OS acts as a nutritional

supplement that provides nourishment to the brain tissues. Ideally, research has shown that this

amazing supplement significantly increases the natural body ability to produce the ketones by the

brain cells called astrocytes; thus, it prevent a broad range of neurological complications and

brain related disorders like mild cognitive impairment, seizure, Alzheimer’s disease and

Parkinson’s disease.

• Promoting Liver Health:

As a weight loss supplement, Keto-OS can provide a solution for obesity-related nonalcoholic

fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Essentially, NAFLD is a condition in which the excess fats deposit

and accumulates in the liver tissues; if untreated, the condition can be lethal as it leads to liver

damage. The standard recommendation for treating NAFLD is weight loss; thus, a continuous

intake of the supplement will induce loss of excessive and unwanted body fats, a factor which

will effectively reverse NAFLD.

• Anti-Cancer Benefits

According to researchers, Keto-OS could be an incredible inhibitor for cancerous tumor growth.

Its essential ingredients like MCT Powder, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate and caffeine contain

antioxidant effects, which help neutralize reactive radicals that cause oxidative cell damage. In

essence, it reduces the reliance of cancer cells on sugar-based energy, a factor that inhibits the

growth of cancer cells and maintains the DNA integrity. This makes the Keto-OS an effective

therapy for combating cancer.

• Detoxification Effects

Keto-OS acts as a potent detoxifier. In essence, it essential ingredients plays a crucial role in

enhancing the permeability of cells, which facilitates the removal of toxins and other metabolic

waste products from the body. Its high energy mix further promotes the removal of these toxins

from the body; as a result, it helps to promote cell regeneration, muscle growth and healthy body

tissues and cells. Through detoxification process, it encourages the removal of toxins like lactic

acid and other by-products, which facilitates the efficient flow of blood in the body.