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Pruvit is a health and fitness company that primarily ventures in energy drinks and weight loss supplements through network marketing. Among the major products produced by the company, the KETO-OS supplement is the main product line and one that has gained immense admiration.  It is such an amazing product and you cannot confuse it with Raspberry Ketones that have repeatedly been advertised on the social media platforms like Facebook and online. In fact, it is an entirely unique supplement that cannot be associated with any other particular supplement that is not produced by Pruvit Company.

As a new and upcoming weight loss company, the Pruvitnow products and operations is superb and highly dedicated to providing precise and concrete information to our customers regarding this weight loss therapeutic supplement. Just as its name (Pruv) suggest, we have incorporated a 59-minute test through our KetoStix urine testing strips to prove that our body contains ketones. Additionally, we offer a 8 day and eight steps N8TIVE OS-ZONE recipes for better performance.

The KETO-OS product that provides ketones efficiently and consistently with a Certificate of Analysis for purity. In fact, our product is the first therapeutic supplement currently in this competitive weight loss market with the ability to prove its significance and efficacy as attested by the ongoing research and most importantly, the positive responses from our consumers. At Pruvit, we do everything to unveil the hidden truths that relate to a healthy human body. We bring a clear meaning in the pursuit of Better as we provide evidence-based products that you can prüv.


Most importantly, a lot of people feel much better while they take this supplement, not only because their bodies are regaining their attractive and admirable look after a successful weight loss! Keto-OS is helping them prevent other health problems. At Pruvit, we can prove to you that this incredible product will improve your insulin sensitivity, cognitive ability, migraines, and promotes your cardiovascular health. With such an array of treatments just in one product, it will be hard to think of an alternative supplement; you have the real product just right next to you.