Pruvitnow KETO OS Reviews

Pruvitnow is a company that makes an amazing ketogenic product called Keto-OS. Keto-OS will do for you what no other health supplement can do. It’s made using scientific and biological metabolic and fat burning concepts in order to extract the best ingredients. The Pruvitnow company has a philosophy of being more than just a regular company. It is a movement. This movement consists of redefining human performance and helping people to push past the status quo into the heights of human ambition.





Pruvit is not just about a product, or about the sales. Pruvit wants to show you how to basically bio hack your own body, and it wants to prove that you can do just that. It means that more and more scientific evidence is mounting with technology, genetic engineering, and discoveries about the true limits of the capabilities of the human body and about the true limits of performance. What was previously believed to be all that the human body can do is being pushed by science and technology. Pruvit believes that when these two components are translated into the real world, that so much more can be happening for human performance.


What makes this company and its products so powerful is its vision. They believe in the best for your body. Their vision is to help others understand how much they can upgrade their body and their minds using the scientifically proven new discoveries of bio-hacking, and ketones. It wants to see everyone entering a new state of high performance, day in, and day out, always. This company is named Pruvit, because it truly believes that this is possible for each and every person to perform at a much higher level than previously imagined. The nutritional and scientific technology that is used allows persons to think faster, focus better, have more energy, decrease food cravings, lose weight, and look and feel great. The scientific community behind this amazing company and its products is made up of a group of people that care as much about personal peak performance as you do. They love nutrition, healthy lifestyles, food safety, vitality, a great mindset and attitude, and overall holistic wellness. Their expert guide and scientific knowledge is able to innovate and renew the human body, mind, and spirit. This allows you to do so much more than you think you can do in a day, and over a lifetime.


Undeniably, losing weight and maintaining normal body fitness has become an immense concern in our society today. Been overweight makes you lose confidence in your body appearance and lower your self-esteem. Besides, overweight individuals have an increased risk of getting other diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. As a result, numerous weight loss supplements and diets have been used to facilitate incredible weight loss and alleviate these health problems. Unfortunately, most of these diets interfere with our normal dietary plans; others do not provide the intended results while some come with unpleasant side effects. If you are facing a similar situation and wondering which dietary supplement will help you lose excess body weight. This Pruvitnow review will help you discover the ultimate solution from the Keto-OS supplement.  Try a Free Sample.









Is Keto-OS is not a weight loss product but promote incredible fat loss

 Relax as we take you through the simple ways to achieve your fat loss dreams. In this Keto-OS review post, we shall not talk about complicated stuff! Instead, we will help you get a clear understanding of this revolutionary product by providing you with a wealth of essential facts and basic knowledge about the supplements and the wide range of health benefits it offers. Let’s get started

Primarily, Keto-OS is an excellent ketone supplement produced and sold by the Pruvit Company. Also known as a Ketone Operating System, it is a nutritional drink supplement that provides surprising results in shedding the pounds off the body.

How Keto-OS supplement works

The keto-OS works on the basis of ketone energy technology; this process is aided by its essential ingredients like MCT Powder, Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, Natural Flavor, Malic Acid, Stevia, and Caffeine. During the process, your body adjusts your diet in various ways to make your metabolism move into a cellular process called Ketosis. In the process of ketosis, your body initiates the breakdown of the body fat cells into acids and ketones. The ketones produced acts a source of energy instead of carbohydrates, which limits the amount of sugar and carbohydrate consumption. Most importantly, it encourages the weight loss by allowing your body to burn the body fats, rather than utilizing glucose in the production of energy. The weight loss process occurs at a faster rate since the body fats are readily utilized in the generation of energy. Also, the oxidation of ketones produces a high amount of energy compared to glucose. Amazingly, the consumption of keto-OS supplement can be used to perform tests done to establish health conditions such as diabetes or monitoring for a low carb diet. Usually, a urine or blood test is done to check the body for ketones.  


Keto-OS is a therapeutic formula that is available in a nutritional drink mix formula; it is currently sold in two versions, namely: On the Go (packets) and Tubs (KAN) versions. These brands come with different price ranges depending on whether they are caffeine free or charged versions. They are highly affordable and pocket-friendly, especially if you obtain them by using our auto-ship service.           

Ideally, the Ketos-OS supplement is enjoyable with a flavorful and refreshing taste. Notably, most consumers find this supplement so easy to use since it works without triggering any negative side effects, usually at lower doses.

By supplementing this drink mix with a low carb diet, which includes healthy fats such seeds, nuts, olive oil, fatty fishes and grass-fed animal proteins, it will make it simpler to achieve ketosis and thus achieve rapid weight loss.    

This pure and beneficial supplement is not only meant for those committed to losing weight; it is also a great choice for bodybuilders since it is coupled with other supplements to enhance the perfect supplementation regimen.

Since everyone would prefer to lose weight using a product from a trusted and respected manufacturer, then you will achieve this by considering Ketos-OS brand formula.

KETO-OS Benefits (The Mechanisms Of Actions)

  • Acts as an appetite suppressant

Increased food cravings and frequent need to consume foods can make you start packing some pounds in your body.  The Keto-OS mix supplement contains essential ingredients that minimize food consumption by lowering your appetite levels. The fiber based MCT formula makes your body sustains nutrient energy for long hours. Reduced food intake decreases the amount of glucose in the blood thus reduced rate of fat formation and storage.

  • Acts as efficient fat burners

Keto-OS supplement boosts the rate of fat metabolism in your body and prevents the calorie absorption in the blood stream. Also, it prevents the excessive absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, thus reducing the subsequent conversion of glucose into fat. This, therefore, harnesses rapid weight loss and makes you regain your admirable body contour.   

  • Mobilizes body energy

If your energy level is low and you don’t feel like getting out of bed, then you might be missing out all kind of important things in your life besides risking your job or failing to attend to your class lessons. Luckily, this amazing product is a source of energy food; in fact, it provides about 38% more energy than glucose. The energy produced leaves you active and energetic all day. The high energy produced supplies your body with essential micronutrients that improve the general health of your body.

  • Improves Body Metabolism

Research shows that low levels of metabolic process and high consumption of calories significantly contributes to fat deposition in your body, leading to weight gain. Ideally, taking a Ketos-diet help to boost the rate of body metabolism thus burns the excess body fats.

  • Build and maintains lean muscle

Keto-OS can be used by body builders and athletes since it increases their overall performance. In essence, it triggers the secretion of testosterone and thyroid hormones in men; this secretion prevents the loss of muscle during the fat burning process and enhances the development of muscular belly to build a lean body. If you are an athlete, then your motor skills and athletic performance is greatly increased.

  • Alleviate Stress

Keto- OS regulate your mood swings that may occur as a result of psychological or physical stress. During such situations, your body releases the cortisol hormone as stress hormones; its secretion in the body increase appetite levels and encourage the storage of fats. Keto-OS helps to balance the production of the cortisol hormone, which reduces the deposition of excess fat in your body.


Other Benefits of Keto-OS Supplement

  • Blood Sugar Balance

If you are diabetic, managing normal blood sugar levels can be really challenging. Ideally, lower blood sugar levels can be maintained by taking a Keto-OS supplement. This supplement helps you lower the symptoms of unregulated blood sugar levels like fatigue, nausea, stomach pain, high levels of sugars in your urine, and the frequent need to pass urine.

  • Reduce Migraines

If you experience frequent migraines, you know how painful and stressing this can be. The feelings of recurrent moderate to severe headaches and nausea are unbearable and can leave you in anguish pain for long. Keto-OS helps alleviate this pain and restores the relief that you have been longing.         

  • Cardiovascular Health  

If you suffer from any heart conditions related to high cholesterols like narrowing and hardening of the arteries, then you are at a greater risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack. This condition is not only extremely serious but is also indeed deadly. Keto-OS promotes the breakdown of triglycerides in your body, lowers cholesterol formation and enhances high-density lipoprotein; thus, it facilitates a constant flow of blood and eventually helps to reduce these heart-related diseases.  

  • Enhances Neuroprotection and Cognitive Ability

Without a doubt, a smart brain, enhanced cognitive ability and physical performance are vital to a successful life. In essence, this improved ability of your brain depends primarily on its vitality and overall brain health. The dietary ketosis minimizes the reliance on sugar-based energy, a factor that suppresses brain glucose consumption and enhances memory and alertness.

The Keto-OS supplement is designed to have high proportions of ketones that facilitate optimal protein production. Its high energy mix further promotes the cell regeneration, which enhances muscle growth and healthy brain cells.

Most importantly, the long-term consumption of this supplement is linked to the improvement of neurological complications and brain related disorders like mild cognitive impairment, seizure, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.    

Notably, at high doses, some users may experience mild gastro-intestinal problems. Luckily, these symptoms lessen after some few days. Advisably, it is recommended that you start with a smaller dose and the progress to one full serving. For those sensitive to salt or have any risk of kidney stones, consult your doctor before taking this supplement.      

In conclusion, it is important noting that taking into consideration an ideal weight loss plan that you can easily keep and maintain even in future is essential. This will not only help you get rid of the excess and unpleasant pounds from your body efficiently! It will also enable you to maintain that attractive look permanently. Luckily, now you will truly achieve this by using this one simple product, Keto-OS by Pruvit.

If you are feeling extremely weary and tired, having trouble getting off the bed, you can’t stay focused, or you are just feeling lazy, this revolutionary product is designed to help alleviate these problems all in one beverage. The energy in Pruvit Keto-OS will take you to the next level by making you feel alive once more and get you enjoy a healthy living and loving your life. However, as Pruvit keeps telling all of its customers, the energy mix KETO-OS should be followed strictly with a proper diet.

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For more information on the Pruvitnow lifestyle, visit the main company website and get the Pruvit KETO-OS sample kit. More detailed information to help you make a choice regarding this new therapeutic weight loss supplement. Also, it explains the importance of ketosis and ketones in the body for health and longevity. By visiting the website, you will get equipped with clear and precise aspects of this superb company including its marketing strategy and other amazing products.

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